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October - November Early Mornings

Choose your own adventure!

On Zoom.

1, 2, or 3 Days a week.


When:                      Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings              Investment:          3 days / week:    192$   (24 classes)

                                         6:15am - 7:15am                                                                                                                            2  days / week:    144$  (16 classes)

                                         October 7 - November 29                                                                                                        1 day / week:       80$  (8 classes)



Where:             Online - on zoom

Why:                        Movement is so important for our bodies, our minds, and our hearts! Moving my body first thing in the                                                            morning makes a huge difference in my day! And I think it could make a huge difference in yours too! Getting to                                          choose how many classes you sign up for is also fun! So here you have choice! If you need more                                                                            flexibility let me know.  We can create 3 days one week and 1 day the next...or some other variation. Start your                                            day with  movement! You won't regret it.


                                         To register click the sign up button. This will lead you to my email. Let me know that you want to join.  Tell me                                              how many days you'd like to join, then I will then ask you for payment by e-transfer, or PayPal (or cash if you live                                          in town and prefer that method) to secure your spot in class.  Zoom links will be sent after payment is received. 

“I have learned through Chantalle’s classes to enjoy movement without being judgemental about what my body can or cannot do - it was something I didn’t actually realize I needed."

Deborah Powell, Guelph

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