September Early Morning Weeklongs

All on zoom.

Four Weeklongs!

Choose how many you would like to join


When:                     Monday - Friday mornings                                      Investment:     1 week:    60$

                              6:15am - 7:15am                                                                                                                  2 weeks:  110$

                                         Week 1:  September 5 - 9                                                                                                  3 weeks:   150$

                                         Week 2:  September 12 - 16                                                                                            4 weeks:   180$

                                         Week 3:  September 19 - 23                                            

                                         Week 4:  September  26 - 30                                            

Where:             OnlineOn Zoom

Why:                 Movement is so important for our bodies, our minds, and our hearts! A daily yoga practice helps grow our                                                      strength and our mobility! Getting up and practicing yoga first thing is a wonderful way to set the tone for  our                                            day! It helps us reduce and release our stresses! And it is a fabulous way to cultivate joy!  What a  wonderful                                                gift to ourselves!  Commit to some daily yoga and see what happen! You won't regret it!



                             To register click the sign up button. This will lead you to my email. Let me know                                 how many weeks you want to join.  I will then ask you for payment by e-                                                transfer, PayPal (or cash if you live in town and prefer that method) to secure                                    your spot in class.  Zoom links will be sent after payment is received. 


“ It is easy to see why people return week after week, year after year to Chantalle's very successful practice. Success measured by the attention and joy of those who participate." 

Michael Georgie, On