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September Monthlong 2024

Join me for 30 Days of Yoga.

What a wonderful way to enter the fall!

movement, poetry, meditation, laughter!

Dedicate time for you every single day

Commit to yourself and see what happens.


When:                    Every Day in September                                                       Investment:       280$

                                         6:15am - 7:15am

                                         Class begins Sunday September 1 @ 8am am (only exception to our 6:15am live classes)


Where:                 online on zoom  - classes are LIVE, but also recorded!

Why:                  A daily yoga practice is truly transformational. We experience the physical benefits of more                                                        strength and flexibility.  We often experience more ease in our bodies. But what I find the most                                                  fabulous is what happens to our sense of wellbeing. Taking time to meditate, to move, and to rest                                              every day helps us to experience a deeper sense of wellbeing.  Come roll out your mat with me                                                  every day.  And let's see what goodness will follow!


                                     Enjoy 30 Days of guided practice. Let me lead you through fun movements you might not always do                                      on your own! These classes are held live every morning. The classes are also recorded, so you can                                            repeat the classes or do them later if you aren't an early bird! (or don't live in my time zone!) We will                                      explore a  varied playful practice. These classes are geared for multi-levels, so you will be able to                                              enjoy the possibilities that  this movement practice has to offer whether you are new to yoga or                                                have  practiced for some time.  Having a group of people with whom to gather and practice is                                                      beyond fabulous! Knowing there are other folks doing this dedicated month of yoga is so awesome,                                      and so helpful!

                                     My goal is to help infuse more joy into your day.  Joy through breath!  Joy through movement!                                            Joy through meditation and poetry! Joy through online zoom community! Joy through connection                                          with your beautiful self. Joy through the release and letting go of stress!


                                      Every morning is offered LIVE.  Every class is recorded and sent to you afterwards.

                                     Monday to Friday mornings we will practice moving in lots of different fun ways! We will laugh!

                                     Saturday mornings will be a passive restorative practice.

                                     Sunday mornings will be a meditation practice.

                                         To register click the sign up button. This will lead you to my email. Let me know that you want to join and ask                                                me all the questions!  I will then ask you for payment by e-transfer, or PayPal (or cash if you live  in town and                                                  prefer that method) to secure your spot in class.  Zoom link will be sent after payment is received.

Jenn Ansley, Oakville

“Chantalle's zoom yoga is a terrific fun movement class. She creatively teaches to all levels making the class as easy or as difficult as you like. There is always lots of wonderful stretching, laughing, and relaxation to calm body, mind, and soul.  "
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