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Private Yoga

A class designed just for you...


When:               We find a time that works for our schedules              Investment:   50$/ half hour          80$/hour at my house

                                                                                                                                                                                              70$/half hour     100$/ hour at your house

Where:             Your home or mine -  in person or over zoom!

Why:                  There are so many reasons why you might choose a private class. Maybe you aren't comfortable in group                                                        classes.  Or perhaps you could use a class that is dedicated to your specific needs and wants.  Maybe                                                                  you want to go deeper in certain poses. Whatever you reasons, private classes, offer you the time and                                                              place to sink deeply into yourself.   So you move in ways that you need, and not in ways that don't serve you.                                                  You can make this a weekly class, a monthly class, or a single one time class.  We can even help build you a                                                      personalized home practice! If you do this class over zoom we can even record it for you!  This is also a                                                            wonderful class to gift to a friend!


                                 Want a private group class for your friends, or a wedding shower, or bachelorette party?                                        Just ask!  I love to teach these sweet classes!  

                                 Investment  begins at $250

                                       To register click the sign up button. This will lead you to my email. Let me know that you want to                                              explore private classes! We will figure out a time!  I take payment by e-transfer or PayPal (or cash if                                        you live in town and  prefer that method) to secure your spot in class.

Having Chantalle as my private yoga teacher has been a major block in my self care toolkit. It is time for me to take care of my body and Chantalle personalizes, playfully and with great intuition, each session to my needs of that day. And as we continue, my video library of yoga classes created just for me expands!"

Christelle Martin, Guelph

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