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Movement and Meditation
from the heart.

About Yoga with Chantalle

Yoga with Chantalle began when I was 21 years old. I took a leave of absence from the University of Guelph where I was studying English. I was disillusioned with the world, and my mom suggested I go to Kripalu and take their yoga teacher training.  Life has never been the same! Yoga has become my activism. It is my space to cultivate and share more joy and more peace.


Cause I think we can all use a little of that!

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My vision is to create playful inclusive yoga classes where we can learn to love and care for ourselves, so that we can better love and care for each other.


Metta meditations or Loving Kindness meditations are a popular part of my classes. At the end of each class we remind ourselves that: I am strong, I am open, I am beautiful.  Then we send those thoughts outward.  You are strong, you are open, you are beautiful


Cause it's true.

We are.


One of my favourite things about group yoga classes is bringing people together to help build community. Over the years so many people have found friends from coming to classes. Whether it's an all levels class, a prenatal class, or a zoom class...people have created amazing friendships!



“Thank you for all the classes  - it was really great to have this steady rhythm of classes for two months. My left hip has felt the best and most stable since a few years now and I know it's from all the strengthening and stretching,  and your wisdom and healing love that you put into your classes.  Thank you soooo much !"

Arlene Kamo, Guelph

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