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Toddler and Caregiver Yoga

Fall 2024 Edition

Bring your toddler to yoga!

This class is perfect ...

for mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, or childcare workers

and their littles!

This class is for littles aged 12 months and up.  

But you can bring younger!

There is not age limit to this class and you can bring multiple children. Yay!


When:                     Tuesday Mornings                                                      Investment:    260$

                                         9:30 - 10:15am  (with time to chat afterwards)

                                         September 10 - December 10

                                         14 weeks

Where:             Knox Presbyterian Church, Downtown Guelph

Why:                  Because kids love to move and it is so fun to move with them!  They might not always participate, but they are                                              always watching.  This class is full of interactive yoga play.  One of the things I love most about this class is how                                            your littles get to watch you take instruction.  They watch me leading the class and you following along for the                                              playful ride, taking care of yourself,  and spending quality time with them. For some it is the highlight of their                                                week!

                                         To register click the sign up button. This will lead you to my email. Let me know that  you want  to                                            join Toddler yoga.  I will then ask you for payment by e-transfer (or cash if prefer that method) to                                              secure your spot in class.  And you can ask me all the questions!

                                         Space is limited.  Registration is required.

“Thanks for all that you do to make our class special. You are warm, attentive and so much fun. You always find a way to get the little ones involved, which is no easy feat! I've really enjoyed watching Dahlia take to yoga too!"

Barbara Dao, Guelph

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