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Outdoor Toddler and Adult

Let's play in the Arboretum!


When:                Monday afternoons in June                                               Investment:        45$                   

                                         4:15 pm - 5 pm                                                                              

                                        June 10, June 17, June 24

                                         3 weeks

Where:             At the Arboretum in Guelph

Why:                  Because moving with littles is fun!  Moving outside in nature is so good for our entire beings!  And                                                                       your whole self will thank you!   Join this playful class geared for littles and their parents or caregivers.                                                             This class is geared for littles one and up!




                             To register click the sign up button. This will lead you to my email. Let me know that                                                                          you  want to join.  I will then ask you for payment by e-transfer,  or cash  to secure your spot in class. 

With Chantalle yoga is love. Love, for me, means allowing. Yoga with Chantalle is one of the best places in town to allow love and compassion to find you through greater awareness of breath and body. As with everything the more you give the more you receive. Chantalle is a blessing to the community"

Donna, artist and healer , British Columbia

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