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My Zoom Yoga classes began with Covid. I must say I was surprised how much I love teaching online! But zoom became an instant LOVE for me. These online yoga classes have helped me connect with people all over the world! It has allowed me to teach folks in BC, Manitoba, Quebec, and even Switzerland. Not to mention all the folks from all over Ontario! I love that we can roll out of bed and practice together! I love that we don't need to find babysitters! I love all the pets I get to see! You will definitely see my cat! And what's fabulous is that you don't need to have much space to practice. Just a little corner and the internet.

All of my Zoom classes are also recorded.  You get every recording after the live class.  Some folks never join live classes and simply enjoy the recordings.  You can do these recordings over again, as many times as you like. Or until I run out of storage space and need to delete a few!   

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